Thanks to our wide range of equipment integrated on our sites (grinding unit, milling machine, numerically controlled lathe…) and our experienced staff, we are able to produce for you machined parts corresponding to your needs in perfect conditions of quality and reproducibility.

Our machine tools:

  • 5 flat grinding machines and 1 cylindrical grinding machine up to 6 000 mm and 10 tons.
  • 4 machining centres up to 1,200 mm and 1 tonne
  • 2 milling machines (conventional + NC)
  • 1 numerical control lathe.


High-speed high-dimensional HSM machining:

  • 10.000 x 3.000 mm jogging field.
  • Stroke 11,000 mm
  • Vertical travel of the runner: 1,750 mm
  • Feed rates up to 20,000 mm/min.
  • Heads, HSC (High Speed Machining) and NC (Numerical Control) spindles: useful strokes A/B and C: ±90° and ±200°
  • Electrospindle power (63kW) 
  • Rotational speed (up to 30,000 rpm)
  • Digital control (NUM Axium Power Ultimate)
  • Aerospace applications equipment (Aluminium, Titanium, Alloys)




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